Artist Statement

I am attracted to strong visual imagery; imaginative uses of color, and powerful, expressive brushstrokes. In my own pieces, this translates into vibrant images that depict a world where the viewer desires to be a part of it. My work is fun, rich in characters, and draws you in beyond the image. I am particularly interested in how the natural human posture can express ones inner self, as well as merging the figure and space to create a crafted reality more beautiful than its source of inspiration. My paintings allow the viewer the question their presence in the organic sensorial realm I have created for them. I am constantly trying to combine my interest in a way that that add flavor and dimension to my point of view, through the combination of the figure, texture, brushstrokes, and color.

I am looking forward to stepping away from painting the figure, and moving into the new phase in my artistic journey. I recently returned from a trip to France and was so inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the doors and entrances all over the country. It’s another form of a first impression and I was excited by the underlying stories. I plan on painting a series with that as my main focus. It’s fueled by that voyeuristic curiosity people have to look in windows and catch a glance of someone else’s life. As the saying goes, you never know what happens behind closed doors. I’m excited to discover what lies within those doors.